Friday, May 16, 2003

SSA GT making good on its product extension promise by interfacing BPCS with Warehouse BOSS. Last month I commented on the strategy of both MAPICS and SSA GT in building a large installed base by acquiring weaker competitors, then leveraging sales of common extension products across the entire installed base. It now appears that SSA GT is following through on this strategy by interfacing BPCS, its core ERP suite, with Warehouse BOSS, which it picked up in its acquisition of the Interbiz unit of Computer Associates last year. Warehouse BOSS is a fairly robust warehouse management system, running on the IBM iSeries (formerly AS/400), which makes it a good fit with BPCS, which runs on the same platform. Warehouse BOSS is a good example of how a product that SSA can leverage to multiple segments of its user base--it now has links to several ERP suites from SSA: PRMS, BPCS, and KBM.

The press release is on the SSA Web site.

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