Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Yet another update on Project Green

A Spectator subscriber attended the Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) partner conference in New Orleans last week and sent me some additional information on Microsoft's Project Green (formerly known as NextGen):
Frank, here is what I learned in New Orleans last week (not as much as I hoped but something). Microsoft announced that they will support and enhance Axapta through 2012. I was told that the NextGen product IS being built to Axapta functional specs, and that it's a fair statement to say that an Axapta user of today would readily recognize the software. And Microsoft is developing a bridge to ease the implementation of NextGen in an Axapta site.
My earlier posts on Project Green (on Sep. 29, Oct. 2, and Oct. 6) generated a lot of traffic to the Spectator, especially after someone on a Microsoft Navision user message board linked to them. Clearly MBS users and even the resellers are not as well informed about future directions as they would like to be. Microsoft needs to put out a white paper or something regarding Project Green.

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