Friday, April 23, 2004

Epicor making a comeback?

Epicor just posted its Q1 results and it is showing year over year revenue growth of 26%, to $43.4M. License revenue, which is traditionally considered a key measure for future health, is up 34%, to $10.5M. Epicor, like many enterprise system vendors in recent years, now obtains the bulk of its revenue from services, not new license sales. Still, the trend in new license sales is encouraging.

Epicor's results do not include performance of its Scala acquisition, which is not expected to close until June.

Locally, I've seen Epicor in one of those new Q1 deals, which it won in a competitive bid on the overall breadth of its functionality. The deal was for Epicor's Vantage product, which Epicor positions when manufacturing functionality is a key requirement. My firm is assisting in business process improvement around the implementation, so we will be getting a first hand look at current capabilities of the latest release of Vantage.

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