Friday, February 04, 2005

World's largest Linux migration reaches milestone

Computerworld reports that the German national railway, Deutsche Bahn, has successfully moved all of its 55,000 Lotus Notes users to Linux. This is the first major milestone of an ambitious program to move the entire company to Linux.
The company has already shifted its vital train timetabling system from HP Non-Stop to Linux. Next, it will move various SAP systems, including sales support, from Unix to Linux. And by the end of the year, all remaining critical systems such as databases, application servers, Web servers, mail servers and network infrastructure will be running on Linux, the company said.
If Deutsche Bahn is successful in migrating these remaining systems, it will be another piece of evidence that Linux is capable of doing the heavy lifting in enterprise systems. Companies that want to take control of their total cost of IT should pay attention to the experience at Deutsche Bahn.

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