Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Oracle to extend support for JDE on IBM iSeries

At its Collaborate 2006 user conference in Nashville this week, Oracle announced that it will continue support for existing J.D. Edwards Enterprise-One and World products beyond 2013, the date to which it had previously committed support for IBM's iSeries hardware (formerly AS/400).

Oracle's decision basically means it will continue to provide support for applications running over IBM's DB2 database product, which competes with Oracle's flagship database.

As far as I can tell, this week's decision does not say anything about how or whether Oracle will support IBM's DB2 as part of its Fusion strategy to merge Oracle's various applications into a single code base.

I've speculated in the past whether Oracle would try to move existing IBM database users to Oracle and when support ends whether it would try to sell off the remaining users to someone like SSA Global, which makes a business out of supporting IBM-based applications. This week's decision probably says that the answer is, for the second half of that speculation, no. Oracle probably is finding that the maintenance business for these users is profitable and better kept than sold.

Computerworld has more on Oracle's decision to continue support for JDE on IBM.

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