Friday, June 30, 2006

Loosening Microsoft's hold over midmarket software vendors

Michael Vizard writes at eWeek's Channel Insider that some application software vendors are growing cool in their attitude toward Microsoft, as the software giant is increasingly moving onto their turf. He says that because the small and mid-size business (SMB) market is dominated by Windows, it has been a natural platform for software vendors targeting that market.
But a curious thing is starting to take shape in the SMB market as the loyalty to Microsoft among ISVs in this space becomes increasingly strained. The process that drove a wedge in that loyalty was Microsoft's decision to acquire a number of companies and begin aggressively marketing applications targeting the midmarket space. This naturally set ISVs on edge, with many of them shifting their stance from being pro to neutral about Microsoft to being neutral or against.
Vizard points to Cognos and Sage Software as two examples of vendors moving away from the Microsoft camp.

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Paul Sita said...

Is Microsoft dying? I don't think so. However it's also clear that they continue to lack a consistent, clear vision of Microsoft in the application space.

They're too big to ignore. Too big to avoid. But also too big and arrogant to really listen to partners and the marketplace. Anyone who deals with Microsoft is "on edge" more than others because there is a combination of respect for the organization and the many incredibly talented people at Microsoft, tempered by a lack of trust since they change strategies and/or fail to communicate clearly.