Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Doug Burgum leaving Microsoft Business Solutions

The transition of MBS top leadership is now fully complete, with Doug Burgum announcing he will leave Microsoft next year.

Burgum came to Microsoft with its acquisition of Great Plains, which was the start of the MBS unit. He has run the unit since then. Last year, Burgum stepped down as head of the group, giving up the top job to a yet-to-be-named successor. At that time Burgum said he would stay on in the role of "chairman"--more of an honorary post than anything else.

But this week, MBS announced that the top MBS job would be given to current Microsoft corporate VP Satya Nadella, who has led MBS's global research and development operations for the past five years. Burgum then took the opportunity to leave altogether.

Burgum has not indicated what he plans to do next.

Computeworld has more on Burgum's move.

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