Thursday, July 19, 2007

SAP sales jump, defying Oracle's PR campaign

Following Oracle's outstanding quarterly results last month, SAP has posted its own preliminary results for its most recent quarter. SAP reports an 18% jump in software revenue over the same quarter last year, and a 10% rise in revenue overall.

Furthermore, SAP indicated that it is gaining market share against its rivals. According to unnamed industry analyst research, SAP's share of the worldwide market for "core enterprise applications" increased over the past year by three percentage points to 26%.

In nearly every public announcement of its financial results, Oracle has been comparing itself to SAP. SAP's most recent results show that Oracle's success doesn't mean it is triumphing over SAP. It just means that there's a robust market for enterprise software this year.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

SAP's quarterly results can be found on its web site.

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Anonymous said...

SAP and Oracle have almost the same number of Application customers - yet SAP secures significantly more license revenue. Why? Unlike Oracle's(and other software vendors)customers, organisations running SAP are asked to pay again for the next major release. SAP secures 75%+ of its revenues from existing customers. More revenue doesn't mean happy customers. I can confirm that!

Anonymous said...

The mkt needs to look beyond the mktg noise that Oracle is making and compare the real Enterprise Application licenses being sold and pursued. These are tricky case in point is Oracle is more likely to cover its FMW sales under the DB and FMW sales catergory and show overall growth. Mkt needs transparency and not PR coverage. I dont think unless the analysts and investors get a real breakup of sales in each unique category can they decide who is gaining and losing quartely. Both these companies are here to stay and will not disappear. Oracle should stop potraiting otherwise.