Sunday, November 18, 2007

ERP support staffing ratios

The cost of supporting an ERP system goes far beyond the vendor's maintenance fees. The largest part of ERP total cost of ownership is the cost of internal resources, such as applications folks, DBAs, business analysts, ERP administrative personnel, and help desk. Yet, there is remarkably little data available to benchmark these costs.

Therefore, over at Computer Economics, we've launched a new survey to determine typical staffing levels in various categories required for ongoing support of ERP systems.

If you complete the 10-minute survey, we'll send you a free summary of the results.

Take the survey now.

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Anonymous said...

Frank- I like the cost of ownership focus on internal resources. My focus is typically on value gained- you might want to include a few value/benefit categories that are elusive also. I'm not thinking of the typical productivity numbers- more bottom line profit focus. Possibly questions like: did your ERP implementation contribute to profit? how?