Friday, August 15, 2008

More layoffs at Epicor

Spectator readers have been reporting more layoffs at Epicor:
  • Five in early August from Epicor's CRS Retail Systems unit in Newburgh N.Y.
  • An unknown number of Epicor employees in the firm's Montreal office
  • In mid-July, 40 employees including "quite a few" management and consultants from the Vantage side
I've not yet gotten a response from Epicor's analyst relations office for verification. If other readers have additional information, please let me know.

Separately, a discussion with a local sales rep for an Epicor competitor indicates that Epicor is doing a good job getting their sales team into new deals. According to this Tier II ERP competitor, they see Epicor in nearly every deal.

The reported layoff of Vantage consultants concerns me. If the previously reported increase in consultant utilization is in part due to cutting the number of consultants, Epicor may have trouble delivering services to back up the good efforts of its sales force.

Update, Nov. 13: Fresh round of layoffs at Epicor.

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Unknown said...

Our sales rep for the midwest region working out of Minneapolis was let go because she did not make her sales quota after several consecutive quarters of beating quota and being an excellent customer advocate, probably the best we have encountered at Epicor in terms of customer service. Seemed fishy to us and makes us wonder what's going on at Epicor.

Anonymous said...

on the retail side of the house epicor bought nsb and crs. crs had recently purchased apropos out of seattle. i am not sure why, but lots of people left. they are now short staffed and cannot properly support thier products which are very buggy. epicor recently made the decision to make almost all of the nsb products the go forward products and are no longer enhancing any of the crs products despite users going live on the crs products within the last year. very disapointing since most large software purchases require at least 5 use to demonstrate ROI. they currently do not have any roadmaps on how to get crs users onto the nsb product platforms.

Anonymous said...

Epicor laid off 10% of their employees worldwide today. I, who used to work in the Newburgh NY office was among the 20 people who got laid off today.