Thursday, November 13, 2008

Top ten software engineering concepts

Ed Yourdon, the father of structured programming and one of the greatest minds in software, has put out a terrific presentation, Top Ten Software Engineering Concepts.

Ed does a great job summing up the key principles of software development, many of which go back decades. I studied many of them in college over 30 years ago and in my early years in corporate IT. Ed points out that these principles keep getting rediscovered by new generations of developers, using different terminology. The presentation, in PDF format, is loaded with links to external resources on each concept.

Do yourself a favor and download it now for future reference.

Ed is giving the presentation itself at a CompAid “Software Best Practices” conference in Chicago on November 13th.

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Karl said...


Thanks for the link - I'd forgotton about Ed Y -- used his work while we were building prototype analysis and control systems for SONAR in the late eighties.

Good stuff