Monday, January 05, 2009

IT spending in recessionary times

Over at Computer Economics, we've just released our latest forecast for IT spending, based on how IT spending recovered after the past two recessions, in 1990-91 and 2001. We have annual survey data that goes back nearly 20 years and forms the basis for our analysis.

Bottom line: we see see a recovery in 2010.
Although the past is not always a precursor of the future, we find evidence that IT spending should rebound more quickly than it did during the tech-led recession in 2000, following a pattern more akin to what occurred after the deep 1990-91 downturn. Our long-range forecast, however, does not anticipate a return to the 1990 boom years, when Internet and Y2K spending produced a bubble that distorted historical patterns. Rather, we anticipate spending should rebound to the more modest rates of recent years.
Read the free executive summary, or purchase the full report, IT Spending in Recessions: 2009-2010 Forecast.

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