Saturday, February 21, 2009

Big win for open source ERP project Compiere

The Compiere website has a short blog post announcing a major win for the open source ERP project in France:
Compiere’s largest new customer, French-based La Poste recently announced their selection of Compiere open source ERP solution. La Poste is a global postal processing organization with 45 million customers, 300,000 employees and US $27B in revenue. With the help of Compiere Gold Partner Axilom, La Poste will be deploying Compiere Professional Edition within a business-to-business division to replace existing sales, purchasing, inventory, and payment processing systems.
The brevity of the post leaves a lot of questions unanswered. How many of La Poste's employees will use Compiere? What drove La Poste to seek an open source solutions? Will La Poste be enhancing or extending Compiere (flexibility being one of the key advantages of open source)? Were any closed-source ERP systems considered?

There's a press release from Axilom, the Compiere partner in France that sold the deal. Unfortunately, my high school French is not up to the task. Here is Google's translation of the page, which helps a little.

Some observers have been speculating that open source solutions might benefit from the current economic recession. Compiere's win at La Poste would appear to be evidence in favor of this view.

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Anonymous said...

Reading through the French press release, some answers to the questions you pose in your article:

How many of La Poste's employees will use Compiere: 7000

What drove La Poste to seek an open source solution: flexibility and extensibility. Apparently open source Compiere was perceived to give better ROI, shorter implementation period and easier integration with existing La Poste's Enterprise Information Systems.

Definitely a big win for open source erp, and curious about the succes of this implementation.

Best regards,
Jan Blondé

Unknown said...

Was the implementation successful? Any post implementation review will be helpful now that many years have passed.