Friday, November 13, 2009

Oracle layoffs, November 2009

A reader emailed me today indicating he had received word from a friend, who works for Oracle, that Oracle Consulting had a sizable layoff today. He mentioned a specific percentage that I won't repeat here, without some confirmation.

A quick check of my webstats shows a pickup in web referrals today searching under the key words "Oracle layoffs," "Oracle Consulting layoff," and "Oracle layoffs, Nov 2009." (see image on right).

In the past, this type of activity has been a reliable indicator of Oracle's workforce reduction actions.

A check of the layoff blog also shows a few comments today from Oracle consultants who have been terminated--not as many as I would have expected, however.

If anyone has more details, feel free to email me, or leave a comment on this post.

Update, Nov. 14: Several readers have left comments on this post, or previous posts, basically, confirming that yesterday, Friday the 13th, was a real nightmare for many Oracle consultants. There are many more comments now on the layoff blog as well. Read comments below.

Update, Nov. 16: Dennis Howlett picks up on this post and provides further analysis of the layoffs. And, Oracle officially has no comment on the layoff.

Update, Nov. 17: A reader, who works for Oracle Consulting, reports that just prior to the recent layoffs there was a reorganization of the North American consulting unit. This individual, who had been in a management position, has now been put back into a billable role, with a target utilization.


Anonymous said...

Yes. That is true. I belong to Cross Industries group in NASA and got laid off today Friday, the 13th. Heard the same from other folks that lots of people were let go.

Anonymous said...

Friday the 13th turned out to be a nightmare for several Oracle consultants, practice directors and senior practice directors. A lot of middle management was riffed today. Don't know exact numbers but the numbers are large.

Anonymous said...

Oracle sales are down by a minimum of 15 percent (what we heard from Sales) and the North American Consulting Service Organization’s bench of unassigned consultants has been growing while the future sales pipeline looks good. It looks like Larry did it again just before the Holiday's, pretty typical, from what I hear, could be 7 - 10% or about 900 US consultants ( I am one) even though work is around the corner. Oracle is very careful to avoid the WARN Act and very private on their layoff numbers, but the trend is layoff domestic resources and hire international resources.

Anonymous said...

yep. I can confirm the large layoff the happened on Feb 13 and I was a senior practice director in North America Consulting-Strategic Accounts.Twelve years in and the ax fell, but no worries.