Thursday, June 06, 2002

If you liked Y2K, you'll love HIPAA. It appears there is some amount of denial in the health care industry about HIPAA.. Simmi Singh, of Silverline Technologies, reports that although Congress may give some temporary relief, HIPAA is not simply going to "go away." This head-in-the-sand attitude within the health care industry leads to three concerns. The first concern is readiness, in that organizations have generally not completed their full assessment of what it will take to comply and do not have a comprehensive remediation plan in place to meet critical deadlines in 2003. The second concern is that many health care organizations seem to be relying on software vendors to provide compliance without having firm commitments regarding when they will be compliant. The third concern is that integration testing between providers, health plans, and government agencies will take longer and be more complex than expected. So, health care organizations should wake up and start planning for a mad rush to the finish line.

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