Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Agilisys acquires Infor

U.S. enterprise system vendor Agilisys is acquiring German ERP vendor Infor Business Solutions (spelled, all lower case, "infor"). Agilisys is not a familiar name, but it might soon be, if it continues to buy up other vendors. Agilisys was formed in 2002 when SCT spun off its well-regarded Adage ERP system, which had excellent process manufacturing functionality. Agilisys then acquired Brain, a German vendor of ERP systems for the automotive industry. Now with the acquisition of Infor, Agilisys gets an additional 3,500 customers, mostly in Europe, with strong presence in several verticals, such as plastics, furniture, building materials, jewelry, and automotive.

When Adage was under SCT's ownership, I used to see them occasionally in new deals, especially in foods and pharmaceuticals, where the process-orientation of Adage demo'ed very well. But since the spin off as Agilisys, I have not seen them at all, at least not out here in California. Perhaps with the acquisition of two German vendors, the company is making a bigger push in Europe.

Update, Mar. 4: A reader has alerted me to a rumor circulating that Agilisys is about to acquire daly.commerce, a privately-held enterprise distribution system vendor. I have no independent confirmation of this.

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