Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Rumor confirmed: Agilisys is acquiring daly.commerce

The rumor I reported on Mar. 4 appears to be true. Agilisys has a welcome message to daly.commerce users on its web site. With the acquisition of daly, plus its earlier acquisition of German ERP vendor infor, Agilisys is moving into the triple-A league of enterprise software. According to its press release, Agilisys expects to generate approximately $250M in revenue in 2005. The combined company will have over 7500 customers and 1200 employees globally. Agilisys will also have approximately $45 million in cash on its balance sheet following the acquisition. The company's recent moves have consolidated three ERP systems and one wholesale distribution vendor: a nice combination, especially if Agilisys can integrate daly's functionality across its ERP offerings.

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