Monday, November 15, 2004

Spectator takes eighth place in TechWeb contest

Well, the results are in, and this blog came in eighth out of ten finalists for the First TechWeb Network Best Independent Tech Blog Readers Choice Awards. The competition was very tough, with the venerable Slashdot and Groklaw competing, each with tens of thousands of hits every day. So, I'm pleased with the results, even if it means I won't be getting a year's supply of Starbucks (the first prize).

Check out the "slayer of sacred cows" summary that TechWeb wrote for the Spectator along with some very kind comments from voters:
It provides information that can be readily used with a little or no further analysis.

Perceptive and interesting analysis on key issues in the systems world.

As a consultant in the industry I appreciate the content particularly the behind the scenes comments on industry mergers

Frank is honest and reputable. Plus he knows his stuff.

It's one of the few blogs that keeps me coming back. Often, I hear news first from Frank.

The blog has the latest update on the ERP industry and lot of industry insights.
Thanks again to all who took the time to vote!

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