Thursday, September 08, 2005

Microsoft rebranding its business applications

Microsoft is introducing new names for a number of the software applications offered by Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS). The new brand is "Dynamics," is one of the names that the Great Plains product used to go by. It is now an umbrella name for several of the MBS products. Specifically:

  • Microsoft CRM is now Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Great Plains is now Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Axapta is now Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  • Navision is now Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
  • Solomon is now Microsoft Dynamics SL.
What does this mean for customers and prospects? As far as I can tell, not much. In an interview on the Microsoft website, VP Tami Reller tries to connect the rebranding with Project Green, which is already suffering from a fuzzy definition.

The new names seem to be more form than substance.

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Anonymous said...

Accordin to Microsoft, the rebranding is not just a cosmetic touch. It entails a "role-based" approach, where users may change roles "dynamically", and therefore needs and requirements.
If this is true, I would like to see in the immediate future a Dynamic Nav solution that recognizes I am the logistic manager of the company, and at the same time I am - on a temporary basis - also part of the quality control project team.
If this works, then I should be able to access the ordinary applications dedicated to the logistics mgr plus the ones attriuted to a person working in the quality dept.

Anonymous said...

One more lighter comment.
Given that Microsoft is fresh of its rebranding exercise, I would suggest them to rethink also the "Partner Implementation Guideline" name.
It's acronym is PIG ...