Friday, September 30, 2005 looks to hook Siebel staff

John Paczkowski at the San Jose Mercury News is reporting that is offering Siebel employees a $5,000 signing bonus if they jump ship to before the end of the year.
"Following the proposed acquisition of Siebel by Oracle, many existing Siebel employees may be concerned about their career prospects. We want to offer them an alternative to an environment of declining commissions, confused customers and uncertainty around career viability," Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff wrote in a company memo leaked to the tech media. "We would be delighted to hear from any Siebel employee that would like to join our company that meets our rigorous standard for excellence and dedication to customer success."
At the time Oracle announced the Siebel deal, it indicated that Siebel's product offerings would form the core of its future CRM roadmap. If enough of the best Siebel people accept Benioff's offer, it won't be good news for Oracle.

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