Thursday, October 06, 2005

Dave Duffield's next thing: bigger than the White House

Apparently, after helping stray cats and dogs and unemployed ex-PeopleSoft employees, David Duffield still has money left over from Oracle's buy-out of PeopleSoft.

The Contra Costa Times is reporting that Duffield is planning to build a new home in Alamo, CA that will comprise a 72,000 square foot main house, plus 25,000 square feet of outbuildings that include a stable, swimming pool, and 20-car underground garage.

According to the Times, Duffield's main house alone will be bigger than the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris (64,108 square feet), Hearst Castle (60,645), and the White House (55,000).

By comparison, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison looks positively thrifty. His house in Atherton is only 8,000 square feet.

Update, Jan. 23, 2006: It appears that in December, Duffield scaled back his footage by 70%. He's now planning to build a home of only 21,461 square feet.

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