Thursday, November 15, 2007

Layoffs coming at Epicor?

A reader informs me that employees at Epicor are "expecting a layoff at any time." Speculation is that layoffs will come in smaller territories, which would then be serviced from larger metropolitan offices. The reader's source is an insider at Epicor, and the reader--whom I know--has no ax to grind.

I should emphasize that there is no confirmation for a pending layoff at Epicor. However, it would not be surprising in light of the revenue shortfall that Epicor warned about in late October.

Update, Aug. 15, 2008: See the new post on Epicor layoffs.

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Anonymous said...

A reader informs me that employees at Epicor are "expecting a layoff at any time."

Different month but same expectation.

Anonymous said...

The CRS Retail Newburgh & Seattle sectors got hit with round 1 of layoffs on Friday 2/29. Several people including management were abruptly told to pack it up and get out.

Anonymous said...

Recently purchased nsb group by Epicor also laid off over 70 people on Feb.29

Anonymous said...

Several more to come for the nsb group in Montreal.

Anonymous said...

5 more were laid off today from CRS Retail Systems in Newburgh N.Y.

It does not come as a surprise to anyone. It seems it happens every Quarter now.

When Epicor bought NSB, employees at both companies were worried. When they announced that the software would be run from the NSB branch people were worried

Anonymous said...

Epicor also laid off employees in Montreal.

Anonymous said...

Epicor recently laid off 40 people in mid-July; quite a few including management and consultants from the Vantage side leaving them shorthanded in some areas.