Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oracle layoffs, October 2008?

[Please see the more recent post on Oracle layoffs in November.]

Over the past two days, there are a significant number of search engine hits against the Spectator, searching phrases such as "Oracle layoffs," including some from within Oracle's own domain. Which generally makes me think that there may be a reduction in force (RIF) in process.

The number of such searches have increased today.

If you have any insights or experience, please email me, or leave a comment on this post.

Update, Oct. 24. The search engine referrals continue, including words such as layoff, firings, and pay cuts. It could be just rumors or gossip.

Update, Nov. 17. Search engine referrals increased sharply last week and continue. I am convinced that there were reductions in headcounts last week. The one comment on this post, dated 11/17 is consistent with this view.


Anonymous said...

I use to work for PeopleSoft/Oracle and I just found out today that 2 of my former coworkers were laid off today with no warning. Any ideas what is going on?

Anonymous said...

I spoke to one of my former coworkers that was just laid off on Monday and she said that her understanding was that 20% of the Education staff was let go. They were notified by managers early Monday morning and by noon they had each received a packet at home via FedEx with a severance packet. By EOB on Monday email had been cut off. Typical Oracle. Still haven't found any articles on it.

Anonymous said...

Our group within Oracle has openings to hire technical people and technical managers.

Anonymous said...

I was laid off from Oracle on Nov 13th. No email, no laptop also on Nov 13th. Others were laid off too yet no management positions were eliminated. There is no doubt that Oracle is reducing their PeopleSoft "commitment" to customers. The sales people are being told they cannot work more than 48 per week and travel to customers has practically eliminated.

Anonymous said...

Big layoff today at Oracle.