Thursday, April 25, 2019

What Is Digital Transformation, and How Do We Get There?

In enterprise technology, digital transformation is a hot topic. But what does it really mean? Overused by vendors and consultants, the phrase has become nearly meaningless.

This needs to change. Digital transformation should be something practical and tangible, something in reach of all organizations—provided business leaders make a sustained effort.

This post provides a simple definition of digital transformation, breaks down the main types of digital transformation, and recommends an approach for developing a digital transformation strategy.

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clive boulton said...

Unsaid the basis to enable an organization to improve or evolve into something new is digital technologies. Yet most ERP is still analogue applications written some years ago (often dot NET or Java software application objects to manage orders and another to manage transactions). Vendor ERP is not digital. i.e. not extremely modular thus without duct-tapping integrations to pull in data from outside the four walls of MRP, businesses trying to pull off a digital transformation can easily end up managing a complex IT mess. Some major reset of packaged ERP is well overdue for modern businesses to accelerate digital transformation for profitable business optimizations. The incumbents including the big ERP need a wake up call.