Thursday, November 02, 2023

Generative AI and the New Data-Driven Productivity Paradigm

Earlier this week, I led an Avasant panel discussion on Generative AI and the New Data-Driven Productivity Paradigm. You can watch the entire video here. 

I started with a brief introduction to set the stage, comparing today's generative AI (GenAI) services with earlier forms of AI, which date back several decades. The panel then discussed a number of important elements of generative AI: 

  • Why GenAI has gotten so much attention over the past year. 
  • Where we see GenAI delivering productivity gains as well as top line revenue growth. 
  • Data quality as a prerequisite for realizing GenAI benefits as well as issues around confidentiality and data privacy. 
  • The regulatory landscape around GenAI, even today with GDPR as well as in the future. 
  • The enterprise risks for enterprises to consider in implementing GenAI systems. 

We ended with a lightning round about practical steps for organizations to take in getting started with GenAI. 

What is Generative AI?
What is Generative AI?

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