Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Court dismisses some Oracle claims against SAP in TomorrowNow lawsuit

SAP won a small victory in its defense against Oracle's lawsuit over SAP's Tomorrownow business unit. The U.S. district judge overseeing the case agreed with SAP yesterday that two Oracle legal entities do not have the grounds to sue for copyright infringment, as they do not hold the copyrights. One Oracle entity does have such grounds however.

Nevertheless, the judge rejected all other motions by SAP to dismiss Oracle's case. SAP had argued that TomorrowNow personnel could not have committed breach of contract by improperly accessing Oracle support materials as those personnel were not parties to the customer contracts.

Bottom line: the case will go forward and SAP is still in a heap of trouble.

The full 14 page ruling of the judge is available.

This news is getting surprising little press coverage. A single article, from Reuters, as a short summary of the judge's ruling.

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