Friday, December 05, 2008

Follow the Spectator on Twitter

After months of resisting, I've starting Twittering. You can read my tweets (Twitter posts) at To follow me in real time, you'll need to set up a free Twitter account if you don't have one.

I'm using Twitter to do quick notes on items that I think may be of interest to Spectator readers, especially when I don't have time to do a full post on the Spectator. I also post quick updates on things I'm researching. Plus a small amount of chatter, which I try to keep to a minimum, so as not to annoy people.

I started Twittering about a week ago, and it's already led to some interesting exchanges with other IT professionals and analysts. It also has proven to be a good source for chasing down leads/news/rumors.

Read this Wikipedia entry for more on Twitter itself. There's also a list of my most recent tweets in the right hand column.

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Unknown said...

Frank congrats on taking the plunge and welcome to twitterverse! I on on Twitter myself @thesaasguy or